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Santa Ana Ranch

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Strong Heifers and Cows for Sale

At Santa Ana Ranch, we have a selection of beautiful heifers and cows for sale. All of these cattle are Red, Polled, and Good. Like our bulls, our cows come from the same strong breeding and lineages that add value to your herd.

Young Heifers for Sale

For several generations, we have been selecting the best cows at Santa Ana Ranch for their phenotype and performance. For more than 10 years, we have been buying polled red beefmaster cattle from the top 30% in multiple BBU approved sales in the USA. We have selected animals that are feminine, with good skeletal structure, balance, with good body capacity, polled, red, and good. These phenotypic features complement with good performance in their birth weights, weaning weights, yearlings, milk EPD's and great disposition. The animals that we have retained in our herd have to have excellent fertility and easy calving every year. At Santa Ana Ranch, we have the commitment and passion improving our red, polled beefmaster herd, year after year. All our cattle are pasture-raised and adapted to extreme weather conditions from deep South Texas.

Adult Cows and Prospect Donors for Sale

When you buy heifers, cows, or donor prospects from Santa Ana Ranch, you benefit from the careful selection done for several generations of polled, red, and good beefmaster cattle.

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