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Santa Ana Ranch is located in deep South Texas close to the Mexican border and Rio Grande river in Hidalgo county. This area corresponds to the original land Grant "Las Mesteñas" established in the 1700s by the Spanish crown. Spanish and Mexican settlers rapidly developed this area as a center for ranching. Cattle were bred and raised for their resilience and ability to survive in harsh conditions; Longhorn cattle predominated for many decades.

Beefmaster cattle started in the early 1930s when Tom Lasater, the breed's founder, did systematic crossing of Hereford, Shorthorn and Brahman cattle. The breed was developed on what has become known as the six Essentials: weight, conformation, milk production, fertility, hardiness, and disposition. In the 1940s, The McAllen Ranch, located in deep South Texas, acquired some of the first beefmaster bulls and cattle from Mr. Tom Lasater in Falfurrias, Texas. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recognized Beefmaster cattle as a purebred in 1954. South Texas is the birthplace for Beefmaster cattle.

At Santa Ana Ranch, beefmaster cattle are already adapted to severe weather conditions like extreme heat, humidity, freezing temperatures, prolonged droughts, floods, and is resistant to multiple parasites and diseases. Our cattle are pasture-raised using organic practices. We are fortunate to have water irrigation at our 875 acres ranch. Water comes directly from the Rio Grande river irrigation system since the 1950s. Irrigation facilitates good pasture growth most of the year and hay bailing for winter.

Santa Ana Ranch has the strongest and largest herd of red, polled, beefmaster cattle in South Texas. Our cattle ranch offers a variety of high-quality purebred animals for sale, including bulls, cows, and heifers. Semen from high graded Polled, Red, Bulls is also available. Since 2003 the Restrepo family has continued the Spanish ranching saga, raising polled beefmaster cattle in deep south Texas. In 2012 Santa Ana Ranch was awarded as the young breeder of the year by the south Texas beefmaster breeding association.

When you buy from Santa Ana Ranch, not only do you get top-of-the-line Red Polled beefmaster cattle, you also get an animal that increases your herd's resale value. For more than 10 years, we've been raising a strong herd of cattle that are sold at auctions and events across the nation.

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