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Polled Breeding

Most pure breed cattle are dehorned. Animals are dehorned to avoid trauma to ranchers as well as to other animals. Dehorn animals are easier to handle, have better eye appeal for shows, and better marketing.

Dehorning is traumatic, painful, and expensive. The best way to dehorn is by genetically selecting for polledness. In cattle, horns are inherited as an autosomal recessive gene, polledness being dominant. In one breeding season, a producer can take a herd of horned cows and breed them to a Red, Polled, Santa Ana Ranch bull (homozygous for the polled condition) and have an entire polled calf crop.

Polled cattle are equivalent to or better than horn cattle in terms of quality, efficiency, beef production, fertility, and other characteristics. Consider Santa Ana Ranch polled cattle to improve your herd.

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