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Beefmaster Polled Red Bulls for Sale


Santa Ana Ranch polled, red, beefmaster bulls have great phenotype and good performance. They are raised in a pasture under the deep south Texas extreme weather conditions.

A good bull is the quickest means to improve your herd. In a bull, you need to evaluate their frame, body capacity, muscling, balance, and eye appeal. These phenotypic features should correlate with good EPD's in birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, and milk EPD's. High REA and IMF's EPD's with a large scrotal circumference and an excellent disposition makes up the ideal bull to have. Santa Ana Ranch bulls are ideal for pure breed stock or commercial cattlemen.

Strengthen your cattle herd with a few Red Polled bulls raised at Santa Ana Ranch. With their efficient nature and gentle demeanor, these beasts are highly sought-after by cattle breeders. Reared in deep Southern Texas, our herd is one of the best and largest red, polled beefmaster in the country. Each of our animals is from the top genetic lineage.

Semen for Sale

At Santa Ana Ranch, we store all of our extracted bull semen at Elgin Breeding Services in a climate-controlled facility as it awaits national and international distribution. To ensure the highest quality product, we work closely with their lab and testing partners who have been in the industry since 1954.

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